Covid-19 safety
  • The health of visitors and their safety is a priority for the organizers of MRO Russia & CIS.
    A set of measures aimed at their compliance should ensure the most comfortable participation in MRO Russia & CIS.

    MRO Russia & CIS is held in compliance with the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor and the government of Moscow. The organizers of the event take all the necessary measures to prevent the possible spread of viral diseases (especially COVID-19) and preserve the health of participants.
  • Safe distance
    The platform allows to receive the necessary flow of visitors and participants of the event (taking into account the possibility of social distancing which is provided by the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor).
    The number of people located on the territory of the exhibition at the same time will be limited.
  • Social distance monitoring
    The crowd density, as well as the safe distance between the participants, will be measured and monitored by the event staff. Floor stickers will be located in the reception and catering areas ("Keep your distance of 1.5").
  • Personal protection
    At the entrance, the body temperature will be measured by non-contact thermometers. Each participant will receive an individual mask.
  • Hand sanitizer
    All participants of the event will be able to use antiseptics any time& for free. With any flow of guests, we ensure the availability of antiseptic at the entrances for everyone who wants to use it.
  • Airing of the rooms & an air exchange
    All public areas will be regularly ventilated. The ventilation systems of the exhibition complex will also provide proper air circulation during the entire event.
  • The number of registration points and passages between them were enlarged.
  • All public spaces, including conference halls, foyers etc. are regularly disinfected and wet cleaned with antiseptics.

    The equipment (including microphones, equipment for simultaneous translation etc.) will be also disinfected each time.

    Masks and gloves used by employees and participants of the event will be regularly collecting and disposing of.
  • In case of emergence of any additional information or restrictions, we will immediately inform you and take the necessary measures to obtain the comfort and safety of our participants.