1. The Challenges of MRO in the New Reality (rus)
    Alexey Sinitsky, Infomost Consulting
    Andrey Kramarenko, Institute of transport economics and policies,
    Higher School of Economics (HSE) Research University
  2. Modifications of Passenger Cabins: A 'Single Window' Principle (rus)
    Sergey Khrustikov, S7 Technics
  3. Mobile Solutions for Aviation (rus)
    Denis Pshenichnyy, Luxier
  4. Systemic Issues of Information Support for MRO. Prospects for Import Substitution in the Area of Software (rus)
    Igor Kirpichev, MAI Council for Air Transport Professional Qualifications
  5. Labor Market of Air Transport Engineering and Technical Staff (rus)
    Anastasiya Miroshnichenko, Aviapersonnel